New Product Recommendation: Fat Meter

The fat analyzer is an instrument that extracts and separates organic substances such as fat according to the principle of Soxhlet extraction. The instrument has five extraction methods: Soxhlet standard method (national standard method), Soxhlet thermal extraction, thermal extraction, continuous flow and CH standard thermal extraction. ,Low power consumption. Android style interface design, vertical screen external wall-mounted controller, making the operation easier and faster; all-round temperature monitoring and flow control of the inlet and outlet waterways, more environmentally friendly and economical; built-in ether leak detection device effectively prevents air pollution and fully guarantees the experiment. safety. DRK-SOX316 fat analyzer is widely used in the extraction of fat in different fields such as agriculture, food, environment and industry. It can also be used in the extraction of soluble organic compounds in drugs, soil, sludge, detergents and other substances.
The fat analyzer complies with the standard:

GB5009.6-2016 National Food Safety Standard for Determination of Fat in Food

GB/T9695.1-2008 Determination of free fat content in meat and meat products

GB/T6433-2006 Determination method of crude fat in feed

GBT5512-2008 Grain and Oil Inspection Determination of Crude Fat Content in Grain


1. All organic solvents can be used, including benzenes, ethers, ketones, etc., to meet the use conditions of various organic solvents.

2. Fully automatic standard Soxhlet extraction is adopted, and the whole channel is made of glass and four krypton materials, which can effectively avoid the introduction of impurities and has high accuracy.

3. Using one-key start and pause operation, the experimental process is controlled flexibly.

4. The external wall-mounted controller is convenient, flexible, simple and fast.

5. Vertical screen panel, Android style interface, simple and user-friendly operation.

6. Five extraction methods to meet the extraction needs of different customers.

7. Preset commonly used reagent options, and high-frequency experiments can be easily done with one click.

8. The overall embedded metal heating, the heating is faster, the efficiency is higher, and the power consumption is lower.

9. The temperature monitoring and flow control of the inlet and outlet water channels, together with the real-time monitoring of the presence or absence of condensed water, can save water resources under the effect of ensuring that the organic vapor condensed and refluxed without leakage.

10. The instrument abnormal real-time monitoring system cooperates with the ether leakage alarm to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment and the safety of personnel at all times.

11. It has an efficient solvent recovery system, which effectively reduces the waste of reagents.

12. All-solvent general-purpose instrument: DRK-SOX316 fat analyzer uses all-glass and tetrachloride materials as the experimental channel. The all-solvent general-purpose gasket can withstand various organic reagents while ensuring the sealing of the channel. Application requirements of users in different fields.

13. Integral embedded metal heating: DRK-SOX316 fat analyzer adopts integral embedded metal heating, which has faster heating, better stability and lower energy consumption.

14. All-round monitoring of condensed water: DRK-SOX316 fat analyzer adopts all-round temperature monitoring and flow control of the inlet and outlet waterways, which greatly reduces the waste of condensed water on the premise of ensuring sufficient condensation, which is reliable and saves water resources.

15.Android-style interface: The DRK-SOX316 fat analyzer adopts a vertical screen panel, uses an Android-style interface, and the control terminal is easy and free, allowing users to easily complete the entire experiment in a simple and user-friendly operation.

Post time: Mar-21-2022