Drick 150L Biochemical Incubator

This 150L biochemical incubator is suitable for constant temperature cultivation of bacteria, molds, microorganisms and breeding. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research and production in the fields of biological genetic engineering, agriculture and forestry science, aquatic products, animal husbandry and other fields.
Technical indicators
Temperature control range: 0~65℃
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation: high temperature ± 0.3 ℃;
Low temperature ±0.5℃
Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
Input power: 700W
Liner size: 480*390*780 mm
Dimensions: 605*625*1350
Volume: 150L
Load carrier: 3 pieces
Timing range: 1-9999min
working conditions
1. Temperature: 15℃~35℃
2. Air relative humidity: not more than 85%RH
3. Power supply: AC220V, frequency 501Hz ± 1Hz
4. There is no strong light around and no corrosive gas. Good ventilation, no strong vibration sources and strong electromagnetic fields exist.
Structure introduction
This series of biochemical incubators consists of a box, a temperature control device, a heating and cooling system, and a circulating air duct. The box studio is stamped from mirror stainless steel, with an arc structure around it, which is easy to clean. The outer shell of the box is made of high-quality steel plate surface sprayed with plastic, and the door of the box is equipped with an observation window, which is convenient for observing the state of the test products in the box. The height of the studio screen can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The polyurethane foam board with good thermal insulation performance is filled between the studio and the box, and the thermal insulation performance is good. The temperature control device mainly consists of a temperature controller and a temperature sensor. The temperature controller has the functions of over-temperature protection, timing, power-off protection, etc. The heating and cooling system is composed of heating tubes, evaporators, condensers, and knitting machines. Gas circulating air duct, the circulating air duct of this series of biochemical boxes is reasonably designed to ensure the temperature uniformity in the box to the greatest extent. The biochemical box is equipped with a lighting device, which is convenient for users to observe the items in the box.

Post time: Mar-30-2022