Brief description of fabric drape tester

Fabric drape tester is used to measure the drape performance of various fabrics, such as: drape coefficient, the number of ripples on the fabric surface.
Meet the standards: FZ/T 01045, GB/T23329 and other standards.

Fabric drape tester features:

1, all stainless steel shell.
2, can measure the static and dynamic drape performance of various fabrics; Including hanging weight sag coefficient, active rate, surface ripple number and aesthetic coefficient.
3, image acquisition: Panasonic high resolution CCD image acquisition system, panoramic shooting, can be the sample real scene and projection for shooting and video, test can enlarge test photos for viewing, and generate analysis graphics, dynamic display of data.
4, the speed can be adjusted continuously, so as to get the drape characteristics of the fabric at different speeds.
5, data output mode: computer display or print output.

Post time: Apr-01-2022