DRK-SOX316 Fat Analyzer

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Test items: An instrument for extracting and separating fats and other organic matter.

DRK-SOX316 Soxhlet extractor is based on the Soxhlet extraction principle to extract and separate fats and other organic matter. The instrument has Soxhlet standard method (national standard method), Soxhlet hot extraction, hot leather extraction, continuous flow and CH standards Five extraction methods of hot extraction.

Product Description:
The DRK-SOX316 Soxhlet extractor uses all glass and tetrafluoroethylene as the experimental channel. The all-solvent universal sealing gasket can tolerate various organic reagents while ensuring the sealing of the channel, which can meet the application of various users in different fields. Require.
DRK-SOX316 Soxhlet extractor adopts integral embedded metal heating, which has a faster temperature rise, better stability and lower energy consumption.
The DRK-SOX316 Soxhlet extractor adopts a vertical screen panel and an Android-style interface. The control terminal is relaxed and free, allowing users to easily complete the entire experiment in a simple and humanized operation.

1. All organic solvents can be used, including benzene, ethers, ketones, etc., to meet the use conditions of various organic solvents.
2. Using fully automatic standard Soxhlet extraction, all channels are made of glass and tetrafluoroethylene, which can effectively avoid the introduction of impurities and have high accuracy. With one-key start and pause operations, the experiment process can be controlled flexibly.
3. The external wall-mounted controller is convenient, flexible, simple and fast.
4. Vertical screen panel, Android style interface, simple and user-friendly operation.
5. Five extraction methods to meet the extraction needs of different customers.
6. Preset common reagent options, easy to get high-frequency experiments with one button.
7. The whole embedded metal heating, heating up faster, higher efficiency, and lower power consumption.
8. The temperature monitoring and flow control of the inlet and outlet waterways, together with real-time monitoring of the presence or absence of condensed water, ensure that the condensed organic vapor does not leak back and save water resources.
9. The real-time monitoring system for instrument abnormalities cooperates with the ether leakage alarm to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment and the safety of personnel at all times.
10. It has an efficient solvent recovery system, which effectively reduces the waste of reagents.

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